The Best Induction Stovetop Popcorn Poppers

Popcorn is a quick and easy snack to make that everyone enjoys and it’s actually pretty healthy as long as you don’t add loads of butter or salt. If you have an induction cook top you might be wondering if there is a popcorn popper that will work on your stove top or portable device. Well there actually isn’t that many to choose from unfortunately and to be honest you are better off buying the best pan and then using it with a induction cook top converter disc.

Here are the top rated popcorn poppers:

1. Cook N Home 6 Quart Stainless Steel Stovetop Popcorn Popper

This is pretty much the only popcorn popper you can get that will work on induction cook tops without the need for a converter disc. Fortunately it is a very good pan and just about the best you can buy anyway. Most popcorn pans are pretty much exactly the same but the cheaper ones are made with aluminium as opposed to 18/10 stainless steel.

It will of course will work fine on an other cook top type as well as induction.

This pan will make 6 quarts of pop corn at a time which is a good amount. There are larger pans out there if you really need to make more than this but to be honest they aren’t as good as this one. Like the other pan on this article it has a handle you can turn that stops the pop corn sticking and burning. It also has a steam vent that means the pop corn comes out nice and crisp and doesn’t get soggy when it’s being cooked.

As it is stainless steel this feels like a very sturdy and well made pan. The aluminium pans tend to be lower quality generally.

2. Great Northern Popcorn Original Spinner Stovetop 6-1/2-Quart Popcorn Popper

This has been an incredibly popular seller and the 5 star reviews continue to roll in on Amazon for this one. It has the capability to makeĀ 6 quarts of popcorn at a time which will be enough to keep even large families satisfied.

It has a patented stirring mechanism that allows you to keep stirring the pop corn even when the lid is tightly in place. A little lever on the handle allows you to keep the pop corn moving. This means it cooks more evenly, prevents burning and you don’t get it sticking to the bottom of the pan like you do in a lot of these popping pans.

It’s made with aluminium meaning it won’t work with induction cook tops unless you have a converter disc. It also comes in a nice red color.

You can also roast coffee in this popper.

There are loads of others that are exactly the same but with a different brand name on them. They are literally exactly the same but the prices vary wildly.


There are loads of popcorn popping pans out there but they are all pretty much identical. I don’t see the point in padding this article out with other pans when they are all the same. They are all literally exactly the same except the brand name varies. They are all probably made in the same factory as even the way the brand name is stamped into the lid looks exactly the same. Definitely choose one with a handle that will allow you to keep the pop corn moving, this is the key to good popcorn. It means all the kernels get evenly cooked and none get burnt or stuck to the bottom of the pan.

The great thing about these pans over a popcorn popping machine is that you can put the butter on straight away in the pan. You don’t need to transfer the pop corn to another bowl to do this. It’s less mess and an easier clean up. The pop corn machines are good fun but a pan is your best bet, especially if you want to make a lot of pop corn.

If you want one that will work on an induction cooktop without a converter disc then number 1 on this list is perfect. The Cook N Home is the best pan overall so actually you should choose this one even if you don’t care about induction.

The second pan on the list won’t work with induction cook tops but it’s still a good pan. It’s cheaper than the stainless Steel cook N Home pan but you will need to buy a converter disc separately if you haven’t already got one.

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