The Best Pressure Canners Reviewed

Buying a canner is a great investment, it’s a great way to store and preserve food. It allows you to enjoy your favorite foods all year round no matter the season. We are becoming accustomed to having what foods we want all year round, being out of season is no longer the problem it used to be. Food can be preserved or imported but out of season food is expensive, that is why canning your own food is quickly becoming incredibly popular in the US and the rest of the world. Not only can it save you money but canning is incredibly satisfying as well, especially if you grow your own fruit and vegetables.

There are more and more canners popping up on the market because of this increased interest so picking the right one can be difficult. Before we get into the best canners that are currently available I want to point you in the direction of this fab canning kit, this is absolutely brilliant and provides you with the essential tools you will need no matter what canner you decide to choose.

Ok now onto the canners!

1. All American 25-Quart Pressure Cooker Canner

Ok, let’s get started with one of the very best. In fact, this is my number one recommendation if you are looking for the best canner. This canner is large and can easily accommodate 19 pint/7-quart range containers. So if you are serious about your canning this one has you covered! Having said that if you are beginner then you shouldn’t let the size of this put you off. This canner is incredibly easy to use for starters and even if you don’t plan on canning jars that big you may want to in the future so it’s worth the investment.

Canning can become an addictive pastime so at some point you are going to want a large capacity canner. Trust us on that. We are fully addicted to canning right now! However if you are looking for a something smaller than the 25 quart then this model is available in a range of other sizes, you can see the available sizes here.

The instruction that manual that comes with this model walks you through the process with clear step by step instructions. Referring to this is essential if you are just starting out as there are some safety factors to consider but once you have done the process once you aren’t going to need it again. It’s a really intuitive process.

This canner features “an exclusive, precision machined “metal-to-metal” sealing system” which provides an incredible seal that blows other canners away. This canner uses a gasket free design, if you have used a pressure canner in the past that uses a gasket you will never want to lay eyes on it again after switching to a gasket free model. This is so much easier and more efficient. No gaskets to crack, burn, replace or clean.

This is an incredibly sturdy piece of kit and would be a fabulous addition to any kitchen. We really can’t recommend this highly enough. It comes with an easy to read geared steam gauge and a sturdy handle. It measures in at 16-3/4 inches high with 12-1/4-inch inside diameter. This canner is made in the USA.

The only negatives with this one are that its size and weight won’t suit everyone and it isn’t the cheapest option available. Another thing to consider is if you have a glass top stove then the manufacturer doesn’t recommend you buy this as its weight may crack or damage your cooktop. It does, however, come in a range of sizes so if the 25 quart is to big for you then there are smaller (and larger!) sizes to choose from.

That aside this really is one of the best canners on the market in terms of usability, build quality and versatility.  

2. T-fal Pressure Cooker, Pressure Canner with Pressure Control, 3 PSI Settings, 22 Quart, Silver

Still wanting something big but not at the price point of the All American above? Then the T-fal could be just what you are looking for. Coming from a fantastic brand like T-fal you know you are going to get quality and value.

This includes two canning racks to hold 16 pint-size jars or 26 half pint-size jars when double-stacked or 7 quart-size jars. So not as big as the All American but still a decent capacity that is likely to suit most people.

The great thing about this one is that it is super safe. I know a lot of people get a bit put off pressure cookers and canners because of safety worries but it really isn’t a big deal and even less of a worry with this model. This comes with a sure-locking lid system and it won’t pressurize if the lid isn’t securely in place and it won’t open if the pot is pressurized.

The body is heavy gauge aluminum which is easy to clean and will stand up to a beating. At this price point, you really can’t go wrong here. It also comes with a nice recipe book.

3. Mirro 92116 Polished Aluminum 5/10/15-PSI Pressure Cooker/Canner Cookware, 16-Quart, Silver

Mirro have been specializing in pressure canners for a long time and make some nice products. This canner comes in a nice 16-Quart size but it is also available in a larger 22-Quart size if you prefer this over the T-fal.

Very similar in specification to the T-fal though it doesn’t come with the 5 point safety system. This still has a secure locking system but it isn’t as good as the T-fal.

There’s not much to say about this one really. It comes in at a competitive price point but we don’t feel the quality matched the T-fal and it definitely doesn’t match the All American. It’s a decent budget option though. The reviews on Amazon are mixed and there seem to be long-term quality issues with this model. However, it does come with a limited 10-year warranty.

A lot of the complaints seem to stem from it not building pressure, we didn’t find that to be the case but can see how this problem might arise. The instructions don’t really describe the proper use of the weight rings meaning a newcomer could easily think it wasn’t working correctly. The instructions that come with this model are pretty poor generally. If you are new to canning then the price point might be attractive but you are better spending a little bit more on the T-fal or All American as they come with comprehensive instructions.

Overall this is a good and safe canner at a competitive price point it just isn’t as good as other options in similar price brackets.

4. Granite Ware Pressure Canner/Cooker/Steamer, 20-Quart

Another good option here from Granite Ware. This is a versatile option as it can be used as a pressure cooker or steamer as well. Build quality is good as it is made with heavy gauge hard anodized aluminum for strength and will not rust or stain.

Granite Ware recommend you replace the gaskets every season as like any canner that uses gaskets they do wear out and you will have to buy new ones from time to time. To keep this canner working at its best you should replace them every year at least. They are available online. This is another good point to remind you that the All American is gasket free so you don’t have this job or expense.

This canner is a 20 qt capacity which holds 7 one-quart jars, 8 one-pint jars or 24 half-pint jars.

Again like any heavy canner you shouldn’t use it on a glass cooktop. These things are heavy and your cooktop won’t thank you for it.

This comes with full instructions and is made in China.

5. Fagor DUO 6 Quart – Multi-Setting Pressure Cooker and Canner with Accessories

Last on our list is this one from Fagor Duo. We like that this one comes with accessories, none of the other brands bother to provide you with the stuff you are going to need to make canning a smooth process. Of course, you can buy these accessories separately as we mentioned earlier you can get an excellent set of accessories here. It’s nice that you get everything you need here though making this an excellent starter set or gift.

Another thing we like about this one is its looks. It really is a looker with its stainless steel reflective body. It looks a lot nicer than most canners.

Safety features include “triple safety features dual pressure control valve plus two independent over pressure release valves: safety locking handle prevents accidental opening under pressure.” and “The highest standard in safety systems that have been tested and approved in Europe and the US by UL and Bureau Veritas laboratories.” Despite this, it never really felt as safe as the others we feature on this last as it only latches from one side. The others have 2 or more locking points giving you added peace of mind.

Reviews are mixed on this one and there are a lot of reports of broken valves causing the pressure to explode out in the middle of a cook. Safety really is a priority when buying a pressure cooker or canner so you should think carefully about this before you buy. This one almost didn’t make our list because of these concerns however there are many positive reviews of this product as well and it continues to be a popular choice. We found no issues when we tested it however we haven’t used it over a long period of time.

This canner is a solid, versatile option at a middle range price point. It’s a looker, so if that is important to you then this is one of the best looking canners on the market. This is a 6-Quart cooker and it also comes in a smaller 4-Quart, this makes it one of the smallest canners available. Due to its small size we would recommend looking at the other models on this list if you are looking for a canner. The small capacity here really reduces its usability. It is a nice size for cooking but not really for canning.


There was really one clear winner right from the start here and that is the All American 25-Quart. It is just a superb pressure canner that can’t really be beaten for its quality or versatility. It’s super safe and there are no gaskets to worry about. This really is a game changer for canners.

If you need something at a cheaper price then we would point you in the direction of the T-fal canner/cooker. This is a bit of a bargain and as you would expect from T-fal it is a superb product.

Let us know which canner you have and why you like it in the comments below.

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