The Best Teapots with Infusers Reviewed

If you are a tea drinker then you will probably already know that loose leaf tea is far superior to tea bags. The only problem is it can be a bit of a faff to make loose leaf tea but that is where the teapot with inbuilt infuser comes in. You get great taste, no mess and no tea leaves making it into your drink. There are so many to choose from though it can be hard to choose which is going to be best for you. So we have decided to take a look at some of the very best available right now. Let’s get started!

1. Hiware 1000ml Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser

First up is “Amazon’s Choice” with this lovely glass teapot from Hiware. This has been a really popular seller. It might look like a simple design at first glance but a lot of thought has gone into this design.

Firstly there is the none dripping spout. A dripping spout is a problem that many teapots suffer from but not here as this spout has been specifically designed to get rid of this annoyance. The handle is also nice and with an ergonomic design, it feels great in your hand. The teapot feels balanced even when full.

The teapot itself is glass and the filter, which is removable, is stainless steel. So there are no weird materials that could possibly influence the taste of your tea. The teapot can be used with or without the infuser too.

If you don’t have a tea kettle then that is no problem as you can place this directly on a stovetop to heat the water in the teapot. So you get your tea brewing as it warms. This is a great way to avoid burning your tea leaves by pouring hot water directly onto them. As the water heats up gradually there is no damage done to the tea.

It’s also dishwasher safe so there is no worry about clean up here.

Overall this is a superb teapot at a great price and it’s easy to see why this was given “Amazon’s Choice” accolade.

2. Willow & Everett Tea Pot and Tea Infuser Set

The great thing about glass teapots is that you get to see how far on the brewing process is. You don’t need to pour any out to know exactly when your tea is brewed to perfection.

There’s no spout on this one which gives it a different look and feel. The lack of spout combined with the spill proof lid means you won’t accidentally tip the teapot up too much and spill the contents.

We personally aren’t huge fans of heating stuff up in the microwave but that is an option with this teapot. You can choose to boil the water directly in the pot by placing it in the microwave.

This teapot has quite a big infuser as it holds quite a lot of water. This is great as you can make sure there are enough tea leaves in the infuser to get a really nice sized brew.

You also get a cute tea cozy with this pot to keep it warm that bit longer.

3. FORLIFE Stump Teapot with SLS Lid and Infuser, 18-Ounce

We love these little teapots and keep coming across them in cafes and restaurants around the country. The design is so nice you can see why cafes pick them. They come in a huge range of vibrant colors so you are definitely going to be able to pick one that suits your kitchen or personality here.

While this is dishwasher safe it is not oven or microwave safe. You also should not put this on any kind of heat source or open flame. You need to add boiling water the old fashioned way with this one. The body is ceramic so be careful to remember not to put it over heat. The ceramic is lead-free so there are no worries here from toxins. The infuser is stainless steel and removes for easy cleanup.

These Forlife teapots are only quite small. This is an 18 ouncer and will make 1 to 2 cups of tea at a time. Perfect for one person but not ideal at all if you are planning on making a big brew for guests.

The only problem with this one is deciding which color to get it in!

4. Tealyra – Daze Ceramic Large Teapot – 47-ounce

Another stunner that is similar to the Forlife in that it comes in many color choices. This one is much bigger though at 47 ounces it will make 6-7 cups of tea at a time. So it’s gonna much better if you want to make a brew for a group of friends or family. The 6-7 cup estimate obviously depends on your cup size, the pot holds 1400ml of water so that should give you an idea of how much you can expect per brew.

Again it comes with a stainless steel strainer, this one, however, has an ultra-fine mesh to ensure absolutely no leaves make it into the water. We don’t mind the odd particle but we know some people prefer nothing to get through. This is the best you can get in that regard. It’s also removable for an easy cleaning job.

Again this is ceramic so not one you can put on the stovetop.

Everything about this pot feels quality, from the hinged lid to the extra fine infuser. We highly recommend this pot if you are looking for something a bit bigger in size.

5. Large Glass Teapot with Infuser & Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker -50oz

This option is super versatile and it’s also super big! At 50oz or 1.5L this is the biggest pot on our list. It has handy markings on the side not only telling you the volume but also how many cups you can expect. So if you need to make 6 cups, for example, you know exactly how much water to put in with a quick glance at the side.

As it is glass you put this straight on the stove top to heat up but as well as that it is also safe for the freezer. This makes the range of drinks you can make with this much more varied than a standard teapot. It is temperature resistant from -30 to 150 degrees. So if you want to make iced teas or coffees in this pot then that is no problem at all.

Like the Tealyra this has a fine mesh infuser to keep the tea exactly where it is supposed to be. The filter comes out for easy cleaning and the whole thing is dishwasher safe too.

Maybe not as nice looking as the colored option from Tealyra but this is a bit bigger and the glass constructions make it much more versatile.

6. Tea Forte PUGG Ceramic Teapot Infuser Set

Tea Forte do some really stunning products, their designs are really beautiful and unique. Check out their full range of stuff here. This teapot is certainly no exception to that design rule either, we absolutely love the different designs it comes in. These make a great gift.

As well as looking good this is a superb teapot in terms of functionality as well. It does everything you want from a good teapot, it makes a great cup of tea!

The infuser removes for easy cleaning but we found it a little bit awkward to get out as it tends to catch on the lid a little bit. Not a huge issue but a little frustrating. You need to fully remove the lid to get the infuser out. The spout also has the dreaded drip meaning you nearly always spill a little bit when using this pot.

It’s ceramic so you can’t put this on a heat source to heat the water. You must add boiling water.

Not a perfect pot but it’s still a really good one and the designs make it one of the most unique choices on the market.

7. Modern Innovations Clear 40 Ounce Glass Teapot and Infuser Set

Certainly not the best looking pot on this list but it is one of the cheapest. This offers great value for money and you even get a tea cozy thrown in for your money. It needs the cozy as the insulation on this pot is pretty poor meaning your tea starts getting cold quite quickly if you don’t use the cozy.

Although the pot is glass it has a plastic surround so you can’t use this on the cooktop, unfortunately. The plastic is BPA free though so there is no worry in that department.

Everything comes apart to make cleaning easy. The lid states that it is leak proof but when the teapot is full it’s hard not to spill some tea over the sides. Not ideal when you have the cozy on as it gets wet and will require a wash.

There isn’t much else to say about this one other than it is great value for money and a good choice for someone who only wants to make loose leaf tea very occasionally.

8. Venoly Stainless Steel Tea Pot With Removable Infuser

We like the design of this one, it’s simple but effective. What we don’t like is the fact it has the manufacturer logo on the side! Why do companies do this! It’s a pet peeve of ours. It really does spoil the look on some products and we think it does on this one. It can work well when done right but for us, this is an example of it done badly.

That little annoyance aside this is actually a really good pot. It’s made with really high-quality materials and it feels like a premium product when you are using it despite the cheap price. It certainly looks like a lot more expensive pot as well.

This pot has a great spout and tea doesn’t drip or spill when using it. Tea goes exactly where you want it to go. Available in two sizes, a 1L and a 1.5L, making 4 cups and 6 cups respectively.

You can’t use this one on the stove but it is dishwasher safe. As the entire thing is made from stainless steel everything gets rather hot when you add boiling water to it. The handle on the lid gets so hot you need to use a cloth to remove the lid.

Overall this is sensational value for money. The price of this one is simply stunning for what you get in terms of quality.

9. Glass Teapots with Infuser PluieSoleil, 550 ml /19.36oz in Square Shape

It’s hip to be square, right? This unique design certainly stands out in the crowd. Do you know anyone with a square teapot? We sure don’t. Anyway it looks pretty nice we think and if you want something a bit different why not go for this.

It’s a fairly small pot with a large infuser so you only get a couple of cups at a time out of this. I’d class this as a teapot for one.

It’s got an ultra-durable body that will withstand temperatures from -20 to 130 degrees. Plus there are no worries about pouring boiling water directly into the pot, it won’t crack. Would be a pretty bad teapot if it did but a lot of people ask this question about glass teapots. You can happily place this on the stove, in the microwave, and in the dishwasher without any worries at all.

The handle doesn’t get hot when in use either so you can use this directly after heating or adding boiling water to it. It’s super easy to clean as all the parts come out of the pot with ease.

The reviews on this one speak for themselves. This is a superb little pot that anyone would be delighted with. If it was a bit bigger it would be a superstar.

10. SKÖN Cast Iron Teapot & Matching Trivet

We didn’t think the list would be complete without a cast iron option. We love these Japanese inspired teapots, they are so pretty and as they are cast iron they feel super high quality.

This comes in a few different color choices but we quite liked the black and gold design the best. It comes with a matching trivet that you can stand the pot on. This protects your worktop from the heat. Cast iron gets really hot.

Of course, as it is cast iron it is quite heavy. By far the heaviest teapot on this list.

Cast iron is also a bit more restrictive on what you can do with it. You can’t expose this to cold temperatures like in the fridge, you can’t put it in the dishwasher and you need to be careful not to use abrasive substances or utensils on it when cleaning. Also, you can’t use this one on the stovetop, the water must be heated separately.

So there are a few more do’s and don’ts with this teapot but we love the design and the infuser it comes with is great. The product description actually makes no mention of an infuser but you do get one so don’t worry about that.


There are so many great teapots with infusers to choose from! How can we possibly pick one from this list and say this is the one for you? We can’t do it. We love so many of them. What you need to do is consider a few things about what you need from the pot before you make your decision.

The Size: Is it just for you or do you want to make tea for a few people at a time? This will be one of the biggest factors in your decision. Some of these pots are quite small. Lovely, but small. So make sure you choose an appropriate size.

Price: All of these are pretty affordable to be honest. None of them are loads more expensive than the rest but a budget is a budget so check the prices underneath the review.

Material: Ceramic, glass or stainless steel? If you want to heat your water directly in the teapot then make sure you get one that can do that. Most of the glass ones can but you can’t heat ceramics in this way.

Style: Do you like to see the tea brewing so you know if it’s ready? We do so we love a glass pot. It’s harder to tell with ceramics and you have to peek in the lid but it’s dark in there so it can be hard to tell without pouring some.

Whichever you choose we are certain you will love it. We would love to know which one you went for and why so leave us a comment below.

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