The Best Stove Top Kettle with Thermometer for Tea or Coffee

If you are looking for a kettle with a thermometer then you probably want it for making coffee as the temperature aspect is a lot more important when making different types of coffee but these are great for making tea as well and many tea enthusiasts will be looking at these closely. A lot of newer electric kettles have a temperature selection meaning you can select the exact temperature you want but if you are looking for a stove top kettle then you need a good old fashioned thermometer.

So we are going to look at some of the best ones available right now. Taking into account style, functionality, durability and usability.

1. Gooseneck Pour Over Coffee Kettle – Built-in Thermometer

First up is this beautiful goose neck from Coffee Gator, this kettle is incredibly popular and one of the biggest sellers in this range. It has a capacity of 1 liter but filling it right up tends to result in spillage when you pour. Best bet is to fill it about half way up to get the perfect pour.

Obviously it has a thermometer which is located on the lid and is incorporated into the handle. This kettle is a stunner with its retro design and the placement of the thermometer means the design is not compromised by this feature.

It is made with extremely high quality surgeon grade stainless steel. This kettle should last a long time and stay looking great even after many years service. This kettle is popular for a reason, it does everything it is designed to do really well and the look is stunning. The only issue is over-spill when overfilling it but it’s a quirk you soon become accustomed too.

The handle is angled away from the pot slightly so that it keeps pretty cool even when in use. We love it.

2. Cuisinart PTK-330W PerfecTemp Porcelain Enameled Teakettle

Cuisinart never let us down with a great quality product and this kettle is no exception. A modern twist on a classic design makes this an appealing product. It comes in 4 colors which is always a bonus and they all look great.

The temperature gauge on this one is located on the side. It is very easy to read even at a distance as they have color coded the dial so you can see at a glance from across the room what temperature you are at.

It has a beautiful porcelain exterior and a iron interior, this means the kettle heats up fast and retains heat for quite a while. The handle is silicone so it stays completely cool making it easy to handle and use.

It also has a pleasant whistle that lets you know when the water is boiling which is perfect for a good cup of tea. This is a great choice for any modern kitchen and will look great stood on your stove top.

3. Pour Over Tea / Coffee Gooseneck Kettle 1.2L from Wonder Sky

Another nice goose neck kettle here that comes in 3 colors. Similar in design to the first kettle on this last apart from the colored handles. You get a free silicone mat with this one though that won’t be to everyone’s tastes, it comes in handy though and means you can put the kettle down wherever you fancy instead of having to return it to the stove. Of course these can be bought quite cheaply as a separate purchase.

It’s made with 304 stainless steel and will work with all stove types including induction which is a big plus as induction stove tops are becoming more and more popular. If you do happen to be looking for an induction kettle we have written a post on that already. You also get a free eBook with this kettle telling you how to get the best out of it.

It’s not as good as the Coffee Gator at number 1 on this list but it’s a nice kettle and the splash of color will make it appealing to many customers.

4. Fellow Raven Stovetop 1L Tea Kettle + Large Tea Filter 

Something a bit different now with this absolutely stunning and ultra modern kettle from Fellow. It comes in 3 color variations, Matte Black as seen in the image and also copper and polished steel which give the kettle a completely different look and feel.

This one is the perfect choice for tea lovers as it has a large tea strainer inside meaning you can use loose leaf tea if you want. When using loose leaf tea you have to be really careful with the temperature as burning the leaves will result in a poor tasting brew. The easy to read thermometer on top of the kettle allows you to make the perfect cup every time. It also comes in a goose neck pour over style if you prefer the perfect kettle for coffee.

It is made with 18/10 stainless steel so it is hard wearing and feels really well made in your hand. The handle is far away enough from the body to stay cool as long as you keep the flame smaller than the base of the kettle if using gas. This kettle is induction compatible as well so it’s really versatile in that sense. Will work fine on pretty much any burner type.

5. Pour Over Drip Coffee Kettle with Gooseneck Design by Coastline

Another goose neck now from Coastline. This one is very popular with Amazon reviewers so we felt it had to be included in the list. Much like the others it has the thermometer in the handle of the lid. This is fine but does mean you have to be standing right over the kettle to see the temperature.

This kettle is a bit smaller than the others on the list with only a 900 ml capacity. Obviously this means the size of the kettle is smaller as well so if you are looking for something more compact this is a decent choice. It has the capacity to make around 4 cups at a time.

The handle stays cool in use making this easy to use. If you are looking for a pour over coffee kettle then this is as good a choice as any. I’m not a big fan of the large Coastline logo printed on the side of the kettle body. It seems unnecessary and spoils the visual appearance of the kettle. That is my only real complaint with this.


Most of these stove top kettles with thermometers are a goose neck design, the choice is quite limited away from goose neck. Obviously we have listed the best available non goose kettles above. Goose necks are fine but really they are for making pour over coffee and not really designed for tea even though they will work just fine for that as well. If you are looking to make coffee then go for a goose neck. You will be hard pushed to get a better one than the Coffee Gator.

If on the other hand you are looking for a kettle specifically for tea then one of the other non goose neck choices will suit you better. We really love the Fellow Raven for its modern looks and in built tea strainer. It allows you to make a brilliant cup of tea and the temperature gauge means you can get the best result no matter what type of tea you are making. It looks stunning in the copper and matte black.

We also love the Cuisinart. It would look great in any kitchen and is versatile enough to be a great choice for tea or coffee lovers.

All these kettles are great and you won’t regret buying any of them. The only real thing to consider is what you are going to be doing with it. There’s a great range of design choices in this range of kettles so hopefully there is one here that fits your requirements and tastes. Let us know which one you went for and what you think of it in the comments below.

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