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What is Waterless Cooking?

Waterless cooking is a healthier way of cooking as you don’t need to add grease or oil when you cook. This saves you time, energy and money. It works by using the water that is already inside your food. Vegetables are made from 90% water already, cooking them in boiling water dilutes and gets rid of many of their minerals and healthy properties. By using waterless cookware we can retain these minerals as we don’t need to cook at high temperatures. As we also don’t need to add oil or fat in is instantly healthier and lower in calories than traditional cooking. Food also retains it’s natural flavours giving every day vegetables a new lease of life in your cooking.

With this in mind we are going to take a look at some of the best waterless cookware sets available. A few years ago you would do well to get a set for less than $1000 but lately prices have come right down so it is a great time to invest if you have been after a set for a while.

1. Maxam KT17 17-Piece 9-Element Surgical-Stainless-Steel Waterless Cookware Set

This first set has been an extremely popular seller on Amazon. It is a very high quality set and at the time of writing it just over $200 having previously been $1595. Check the latest price here. We aren’t sure this low price will last.

This set has been designed to last a lifetime. It is made with extra heavy stainless steel and is extremely durable. It comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

The set distributes heat quickly and evenly and of course, as it is waterless, the steam controls allow you to cook quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking for a way into waterless cooking then you could do a lot worse than this set. You will struggle to find better value for a 17 piece cookware set never mind a waterless one.

2. 360 Cookware Premium Waterless Stainless Steel Essential 4pc Box Set

360 Cookware are waterless cooking experts. Their products are excellent. Well made and easy on the eye. You can read more about 360 Cookware on their website:

This set is a great example of their work. 360 cookware do not utilize controllable valves like some waterless cookware sets but this is probably a good thing. It’s one less thing to worry about and one less complication.

We are big fans of this company and the products they make. You don’t get as many pieces for your money when compared to the first set on the list but these look a lot nicer in our opinion. They are really modern and just a beautiful design.

3. Chef’s Secret 28pc 12-Element T304 Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware

This set is truly an incredible bargain. Just look at all the pans and accessories you get with this set. It’s an incredible 28 pieces and at this price it is just superb value for money for a waterless set.

Not only looks great but it works great too. It uses steam controlled top knobs for healthy, waterless cooking. Can also be used as double boilers or as dome covers for stove-top roasting.

Despite the price this is a quality piece of kit and the manufacturer are so confident you will love it they are offering a limited lifetime warranty on this set. It’s well made, durable and built to last.

4. 360 Cookware Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 9-Piece

We mentioned we were big fans of 360 cookware so we had to mention them again! This is a 9 piece set and is the most expensive on the list at the time of writing. What you get for your money though is one of the highest quality waterless cookware sets money can buy.

This set is a bit special. It comes with a slow cooker base meaning you can turn the 2.3 Quart Casserole pot into a slow cooker. This gives the set a unique versatility we haven’t seen before.

This set is made with cladded 3 ply construction w/110 gauge thickness meaning it is really high quality and durable. Plus it looks great.

If we had to recommend one set to go for in the waterless cookware range it would be this one. Yes it is more expensive but you really do still get value for money, especially with the slow cooker base (not pictured).


There are many great ranges to choose from in the waterless cookware range. We have been brief and picked our 4 favourites as if we are honest they are all very similar in features and design. That is what makes us like the 360 Cookware range so much. Their cookware sets don’t look like other waterless cookware. They have a more modern look and we would be proud to have them displayed in our kitchen. Some other brands haven’t grasped this and some can look quite old fashioned even though they may be great pans.

Most of these sets aren’t as beautiful as a Paula Deen set or as high quality feeling as an All Clad set but you are buying this for the vapor cooking not necessarily for the way it looks. However, looks are important which is why we love the 360 sets so much. It combines the best of both.

Waterless cooking is becoming increasingly popular in the United States as people look for healthier ways to cook. What’s great about this technology is that it not only is very healthy but it gives food a great taste and even makes food that you have eaten many times before taste fresher and more tasteful. It also can save on energy costs as you don’t need as much heat, when used in conjunction with induction cook tops it becomes even more efficient.

So if you are intrigued and want eager to get a set there are many to choose from and there are prices to suit any budget. Here’s a link to all the 360 products on :



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