Red Copper Pans – Frequently Asked Questions

If you are thinking about buying Red Copper Pans then you might have some questions that you want answered before you go ahead and buy them. We’ve put this list of FAQ’s together as we get asked about these pans a lot. People first off want to know if they are really as good as the commercial makes them look! The answer to that is yes, pretty much. They are excellent and you will not be disappointed with your purchase. Infomercials have a pretty scammy feel to them which can put some people off and the advert for Red Copper makes this cookware look too good to be true but in this case there is no need to worry. You are buying a quality cookware set that doesn’t disappoint. Now, on to the FAQs!

What are the dimensions of the pan?

Well if you are buying a full set then obviously you are going to get a lot of different sizes but usually people ask this question about the 10 inch frying pan as that is the most popular item. The 10 inch pan has the following dimensions:

  • Top of cooking surface: 10 inches in diameter
  • Bottom of cooking surface: 7 inches in diameter
  • Depth of pan: 1.75 inches
  • Handle Length: 7.25 inches
  • Total Pan Length: 17.25 inches

What Color is the Pan?

All Red Copper pans have a copper colored cooking surface, a red exterior and a stainless steel handle. As of yet, they haven’t released any other color variations but I guess they never will as they named the brand Red Copper!

Does the pan come with a lid?

The 10-inch frying pan does not come with a lid although you can buy one for it at Amazon here.

Do the pans come with a recipe book?

No they don’t but there is an official recipe book written by Cathy Mitchell which you can find here: Red Copper Skillet Cooking Cookbook from Cathy Mitchell

Are Red Copper Pans induction compatible?

Yes! Red Copper is perfectly suited to induction cook tops.

Are Red Copper Pans safe for glass cooktops?

Glass cook tops vary so much there is no definite answer I can give here. You are most likely fine but you would need to check your manufacturers manual or contact them directly before you use Red Copper on a glass cooking surface.

What cook tops are compatible with Red Copper Pans?

Red Copper Pans are compatible with most cook top types including induction. Always check your cook top manual first though.

When using gas you should try to use a small flame. If the flame is coming up the side of the pan it may discolor the outer surface permanently.

What type of non stick coating does Red Copper use?

Red Copper uses a unique method of non stick. It uses a copper infused ceramic surface. This surface is also bonded with aluminum that provides even heat distribution meaning you get a great non stick surface and a fantastic cooking experience as well. Red Copper does not use PFOA and PTFE chemicals for its non stick surface.

What does PFOA AND PTFE mean?

PFOA and PTFE are chemicals that are used in many non stick cooking surfaces. Usually cheaper products use these chemicals. They are safe to use however at high temperatures they start to flake off and could get into your food. As well as being potentially harmful to your body it also means the non stick surface stops being effective. Red Copper does not use these chemicals. 

Do I need to wash the pan before first use?

Yes, we recommend hand washing your pan in warm soapy water before you use it for the first time.

How do I wash my Red Copper pans?

Although dishwasher safe we recommend hand washing with warm soapy water and drying with a soft towel.

Can I put Red Copper in the dishwasher?

Yes Red Copper pans are dishwasher safe however we recommend hand washing them to keep them looking their best for longer. Don’t use any abrasive cleaners on the pans just warm soapy water.

How do I season the pan?

Before you can use your Red Copper pans for the first time you need to season them. This is really simple so don’t let this put you off buying them.

Step 1: Give your pans a wash in warm soapy water and then make sure they are completely dry.
Step 2: Using vegetable oil, lightly coat the entire surface of the inside of the pan.
Step 3: Place in a preheated oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.
Step 4: Remove from the oven and allow it to completely cool.
Step 5: Use a paper towel or a dry cloth to wipe away any excess oil.

It’s as simple as that. We recommend you repeat this process every 6 months or so to keep your pans looking and working great.

Can Red Copper pans be used on the grill?

No. Using the pans in this way could be damaging so I would suggest you avoid this.

Can I use Red Copper in the oven or broiler?

Yes but only up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above this temperature is likely to cause permanent damage to your cookware.

What temperatures are the pans resistant to?

500 degrees Fahrenheit.

What type of utensils can I use with Red Copper Pans?

We recommend using only soft utensils like wood, silicone or plastic. Metal utensils may scratch or damage the surface of the pans.

Food is sticking to my Red Copper pan, what do I do?

If this is happening it is probably time to re-season the pan. Follow the instructions above on how to season. You should do this twice a year to make sure your non stick surface remains in an optimal condition. If you have burnt on messes you can saturate them with oil, let it soak for around 10 minutes in the oil and then wipe clean. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

What if my pans are defective? How does the lifetime guarantee work?

In the unlikely event of you needing to return these pans you should first contact the place you bought them from. They may have a working relationship with Red Copper and be able to help get you sorted. They may however refer you to the manufacturer, in that case you should contact Bulbhead International. There will be a shipping cost of $9.99 for most items. You will be sent a replacement pan or set as part of the warranty. Unless you have mistreated the pans or abused them in anyway, that will make your warranty null and void.


So there you have it. These are the most commonly asked questions about Red Copper. If you have questions that aren’t answered here then get in contact with us or leave a comment below and we will do our best to answer your query.



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