The Best Fancy Paper or Plastic Plates for a Wedding or Event

If you are planning a wedding or another big event where you are going to be hosting a large number of people you might want to look at investing in some elegant disposable plastic or paper plates. You can get lot of plates at a low cost and still have them look amazing. When people think of paper plates they usually think of plain white with ruffled edges like what you would see at a kids birthday party but there is so much more out there these days. There are some truly stunning options that will have your event looking and feeling elegant without having to spend the earth on tableware.

1. OCCASIONS Wedding Plastic Plates – Disposable Dinnerware for 25 guests

Let’s start with this stunning range from Occasions. There are absolutely loads of designs to choose from here and you even get plastic cutlery thrown in too. The plates do not look like plastic until closely inspected and when laid out on a table along with the gold cutlery it makes for a stunning set up.

There are a rang e of options to choose from in terms of how many pieces you want. Some sets come with more cutlery for example for a little bit more money.

Design wise Occasion have a ton of amazing styles to pick from. Head over to the page on Amazon here to see all the choices.

The plates are quite sturdy and will hold plenty of food without bending. They aren’t the thickest plates we have seen in the plastic range but they are thick enough to get the job done.

Despite the great quality and lovely designs the price is really reasonable here.


2. 50 Piece Premium Disposable Plastic Plates, Heavyweight Plastic Dinnerware

Here is another great choice for your event with this heavyweight plastic dinnerware set. Again looking at the images it is hard to believe they are plastic as they look stunning and will fool most people into thinking they are real china until they pick them up.

There’s a few different patterns to choose from again here but our favorite is the classic gold rim that will look classy at any event.

Another great thing about these is that they are so durable you can wash them and use them again. For the price they cost that is pretty amazing. Of course most people will just throw them away at the end of the day but if you are planning a few events then you can save yourself some money here by reusing this set.


3. Nine in. Gold Ovals Design Premium Plastic Wedding Plates (40 Pack) China-Like

These are perfect for a wedding and come in a silver or gold pattern that is sure to match any decor.

There is no cutlery with this set so you will need to buy that separately but the price does reflect this. These again will fool most people into thinking they are real china, even under close inspection.

Also these again can be washed and reused at another event.


4. Silver Spoons Disposable Dinnerware Set

Something a little bit different now with these vintage style plates. These plates are really sturdy and again come in a range of colors. There are also multiple size options here and you get salad plates and dessert plates to go along with your dinner plates if you need them.

These would a be a great choice for a tea party with their quirky vintage looks. There are only 10 in pack so you might need to buy a few packs if you are having a few guests over. That makes these a little more expensive when compared to what you get with the other sets on this list but the quality cannot be question and the intricate design makes them even more special.


5. Party Bargains Ivory Gold 240 Round Plastic Plates & 480 Upscale Collection Cutlery

Last but not least are these stunning plates from Party Bargains. There are a range of design choices including some modern looking square plates.

This is set is heavyweight and will stand up to everything your party can throw at them. You get a great set of imitation silverware to go with every plate meaning you don’t have to go elsewhere to buy separate cutlery.

These are the most expensive on the list however you do get 240 plates and the cutlery to go with them. So this is actually really great value when you break it down by plate cost.

These are more than sturdy enough to be used again and again. Just make sure you hand wash them if you plan on reusing them.

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