E-Cloth vs. Norwex

Microfiber cloths are getting popular again, a few years ago they exploded onto the scene and everyone was buying them but they’ve recently found their way onto the social media scene in a big way and people are finding new uses for them. With this popularity there are of course a few different manufacturers but two that are really popular right now are E-Cloth and Norwex. Both of these companies are producing a wide array of products based around microfiber technology, with mops, dusters, towels, and much more available.

So you want to know which is best? Well read on!

The Price

Whilst both companies use premium materials and packaging there is a fairly significant difference in the cost. E-Cloth tends to be a lot cheaper than Norwex. They credit their ability to be cheaper because of a better distribution network allowing them to charge less.

Here is a comparison of their products and prices.

E-Cloth Norwex
Single Multi Purpose Cloth E-Cloth General Purpose Cloth

$7.99 (Price correct as of February 14th 2020)

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Norwex Enviro Cloth

£19.09 (Price correct as of February 14th 2020)

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Multi Pack E-Cloth Microfiber 4 Pack

$14.97 (Price correct as of February 14th 2020)

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Norwex Microfiber 3 Pack

$29.99 (Price correct as of February 14th 2020)

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Both are readily available online but you can’t find Norwex products in your local store. Norwex is sold exclusively online if you are an every day customer. Businesses can contact sales consultants for Norwex. E-Cloth however is available online and in many big name stores. We are sure you have seen them already!


Both of these cloths work really well and are proven to remove around 99% of bacteria from surfaces. In my tests I couldn’t find much difference between the two products although the slightly larger Norwex cloths meant they felt a bit better in my hand and I could clean for longer without having to wash the cloth again.

You may have heard the term BacLock technology mentioned when it comes to Norwex products. Backlock is a silver agent added to the cloth that is supposed to enhance it’s cleaning capabilities and make scrubbing less of an issue. In my experience it didn’t feel like the Norwex was any better at cleaning than the E-Cloth. They both felt pretty much the same. There have been tests carried out that support my feelings and I don’t believe even scientific tests have shown there to be any benefit to BacLock. The video below shows a scientific test showing that both cloths are pretty much identical at cleaning and removing germs.


Differences between E-Cloth and Norwex

  • E-Cloth is cheaper
  • E-Cloth has a 300 wash guarantee, Norwex a 2 year guarantee.
  • E-Cloth is available in store as well as online. Norwex online only.
  • Norwex has a slightly more luxurious feel in the hand.
  • Norwex cloths tend to be slightly larger.
  • Norwex uses Backlock

Comparison Chart

E-Cloth Norwex
Price Low High
Size 12.5in x 12.5in 13in x 13in
Guarantee 300 Washes 2 Years
Bacteria removal 99% 99%
Baclock Silver Agent No Yes

How to Use Microfiber Cloths

Both Norwex and E-Cloth recommend the same method for using and maintaining your microfiber cloths. Soak the cloth in water and wring it out, you can then fold your cloth to make sure you have multiple cleaning surfaces when using the cloth. You can also use the cloth dry if you want to use it for dusting.

Once you are done, rinse the cloth in hot water and hang in up to dry. It will then be ready to use the next time you need it. Buying a multipack of cloths is usually a good idea if you have a lot of cleaning to do.

You can launder the cloths once a week to keep them in great condition but don’t use any harsh cleaning agents in your wash as that could damage the cloth. It’s also recommended to not wash your cloths with clothes or other towels. Due to the nature of microfiber they may pick up dirt and other bacteria from your dirty laundry meaning they won’t be at their best if you mix them in with other items. If you insist on mixing then put them in with other low lint items like sheets, t-shirts and jeans. A hot wash is nothing to be scared of here either, the hot water allows the fibers to open up more and get more thoroughly cleaned. Avoid bleach and do not use fabric softener or drying sheets.

You can tumble them as well if you like and again, hot works best here.

Both E-Cloth and Norwex use a polyester and polyamide microfiber blend in their cloths so they can be treated in very similar ways.


Both products are amazing at what they do. They clean really well and the fact that they remove 99% of bacteria is incredible. Even when just using water to clean the results from these microfiber cloths is outstanding.

It’s really difficult to pick a winner but obviously the price factor is very important. With E-Cloths being that much cheaper you can buy a few of them so you always have one clean and ready for a cleaning job. The Baclock silver agent doesn’t really add anything for me and is probably emphasised for marketing purposes as opposed to its ability to clean.

So E-Cloth all the way for me. You definitely won’t regret the decision to get either cloth. Both are fabulous and both companies have been really helpful when I reached out for advice and help.

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