The Best Onion Choppers Reviewed

Cutting and chopping up onions is a pain, it makes our eyes sting and water and is generally an unpleasant experience. Onion though is a really versatile vegetable adding essential flavor to nearly every type of food. You could buy ready chopped frozen onion but it’s really expensive and fresh is always best. So the solution is obviously an onion chopper! There is a modern gadget for everything these days and the onion doesn’t escape that trend with its very own range of devices ready to do the hard work for you. There are so many that you might be wondering which is the best one to buy, fortunately we have figured that part out for you and given you a run down of the best options available. So let’s get started with the best onion choppers available to buy right now.

1. Mueller Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper

We might as well get started with one of the most popular onion and vegetable choppers ever, the Mueller Chopper Pro. This product holds the Amazon Choice award for “onion chopper” and has well over 8000 reviews at the time of writing. So it’s a pretty popular item.

It is incredibly easy to use, there are no batteries required or electricity, it’s as simple as it gets. You put the vegetable on the frame and then press down the lid. The onion or vegetable gets forced through a grid blade and all the pieces end up in the container below. With the pieces ending up in a container it’s ideal for onions as all the vapors end up in there as well and the no more tears promise given by this product is fulfilled. It also means there is no mess and clean up is really easy. Usually a full onion is too big to go directly on the grid so it will require you to chop it in half once.

There are 2 interchangeable blades that come with this, a 13.6mm blade and a 6.8mm blade. Just be careful when you are swapping the blades as they are no joke, they are unsurprisingly extremely sharp. For larger and tougher vegetables like potatoes you will want to use the larger blade but it goes through them very easily.

It’s BPA free and all parts are dishwasher safe. The blades are incredibly hard, sharp and durable, this is backed up by a lifetime warranty. The storage container holds 4 cups worth of food so you can chop quite a lot with this before you need to empty it out. Great for larger cooking projects.

2. Geedel Food Chopper

geedel chopperThis plunger style is another option you will come across in your hunt for the best onion chopper. What’s great about this, apart from it looks lovely in red, is that the whole thing is contained. There is no chance you you cutting yourself when using this as the blade is behind the plastic container. You can whack this thing pretty hard as well and it stands up to the hammering unlike some other products in this style. You really need that durability with this product design as well as somethings aren’t that easy to chop through so you have to be quite forceful.

The blade rotates a little bit every time you press it so after a few pushes your food is pretty well diced up.

Definitely one for smaller vegetables though, I wouldn’t fancy doing a potato with this one. For onions, garlic, small vegetables, nuts etc it is really good.

Comes apart easily for clean up but I wouldn’t put this in the dishwasher. It comes with a 1 year warranty and Geedel have pretty good customer support if you run into a problem.

It takes quite a bit of manual effort for this one though so probably not the best option for senior citizens.

3. Ninja Food Chopper Express Chop

Need something powered? Then look no further than this Ninja chopper. You are probably familiar with Ninja products as they have made a name for themselves over the last few years with their fantastic range of blenders and choppers. This little chopper is ideal for onions making it perfect for this list.

If you are looking for something for a senior citizen then the manual choppers are going to be no good as they require strength to be used and if you are wanting to chop hard vegetables they require a lot of strength. So you are going to need something like this that can make short work of tough veg at the click of a button. It is also ergonomically designed with a nice handle at the top to hold on to.

With 200 Watts of power, this chopper makes short work of your onions and is great for mincing, chopping, grinding and even blending. There is a pulse button too so you can get your chopping done just how you want it without accidentally going to far and turning it to a pulp!

Again this comes apart for an easy clean up. Not as portable as the manual ones but unless you are wanting to take this travelling it really makes the manual choppers look a bit old fashioned. Fantastic item.

4. Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper

Chef'n VeggiChopThis is another hugely popular item and has been a consistently great seller. Another totally different design but it’s no less effective at chopping and dicing vegetables.

If you haven’t seen one of these in action before then check the video on the Amazon page here. It reminds me of starting a speed boat. Once you have placed your food in the bowl you pull the cord out and then let it coil back in. As you pull the cord it spins the blade in side, a few pulls later and you have nicely chopped veg. Quite satisfying to use but hard work too.

Pretty good option for travelling or for putting in an RV though.

These are pretty durable for a while but I wouldn’t expect a manual device like this using this sort of mechanism to last for years and years. They are pretty cheap though.

It’s really good at what it does and I was pleasantly surprised at how effective it was at chopping. There is something satisfying about the process of using this device as well.

5. Mini Food Chopper LINKChef Food Processor

Mini Food Chopper LINKChef Food Processor OnionSimilar to the Ninja this one but with a bit more power at 250 Watts. It’s really easy to use, you just add the blade, then your food, then the body and finally press the start button. Simple as it comes. There’s a nice big pulse button on the top of this one as well so you can get your veg cut perfectly.

The stainless steel bowl means it is much more robust compared to devices with plastic. It’s also really easy to clean. The bowl has a rubber bottom as well to stop it slipping around when in use which is a simple but appreciated feature. The bowl also has a nice handle and pouring spout, simple features but they make a big difference.

Only problem with the bowl being stainless steel is that it is not as easy to see what state your vegetables are in. The top is clear plastic so there is some visibility but it’s not as easy as it could be and with a power chopper like this it is easy to have it on for too long and over chop everything.

Apart from that this is a really nice product that rivals the Ninja chopper.


To make your decision it really depends on what kind of chopper you are looking for. If you are looking for something that requires no strength or manual effort then you will need to go for an electric device as the manual ones all require a bit of muscle power. The Link Chef and the Ninja Chopper are both excellent choices here and you won’t be disappointed with either. Just make sure you make good use of the pulse button to get your vegetables chopped just right as it is easy to over chop them with powered devices.

In terms of the manual products, they are all pretty good but for us, the Mueller Onion Chopper Pro really stood out as a star item. It was really easy to use and chopped through everything we put in front of it. Just watch out when swapping the blades as it is easy to cut yourself on these things, they are super sharp.

The Geedel was also a good item if you prefer that style. It is more enclosed and feels safer to use but you do have to whack it quite a few times to get the desired result. The Chef’n VeggiChop is a lot of fun to use but it felt like it wasn’t going to last as long as the Mueller or Geedel. All of them are pretty cheap so there is no wrong choice here. They are all surprisingly satisfying to use too so if you haven’t used one of these chopping devices before you are in for a treat!

Let us know in the comments which onion chopper you have and why you think it is the best on.

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