Java Planet Colombian Coffee Review

Why Go Organic?

Choosing to switch to an organic coffee is a choice that many people are making these days and with good reason. Coffee is an extremely popular product worldwide and in order to cut costs, meet demand and turn a profit many companies who are not organic are treating their coffee plants with fertilizers, and pesticides. These are chemicals that are ultimately passed onto us when we drink coffee. This is obviously going to affect the taste but it is also very damaging to the environment and to the men and women who work on the farms who produce our coffee. Organically grown coffee uses no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals meaning cleaner beans and better tasting coffee. Organic products are also much better for your health.

So going organic with your coffee is definitely a good thing but which one do we choose. Java Planet are long time organic coffee specialists and are producing some of the best tasting coffee currently available.

They have been producing organically grown coffee since 2009 and they are starting to get noticed by the wider coffee drinking market for their fantastic coffee beans.

One of our favorites is their Colombia Organic Coffee. Not only is this coffee organic but it is also grown on bird friendly farms as certified by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center.

The Coffee

Colombian coffee is prized all over the world and the reason they grow so many great coffee beans is that the conditions are perfect for coffee growing. However not all Colombian coffee beans are made equal but Java Planet only use specialty grade organic coffee beans for a great tasting result. This coffee is no exception and it tastes absolutely fantastic. It is one of our favorite coffee beans which is why we were inspired to write this article.

This is a deep bodied coffee that is beautifully balanced. Many coffees will leave an acidic or burnt after taste in your mouth but there is none of that here. This is what coffee should be like and I m convinced once you try this you won’t go back to your regular coffee. This is medium dark roast and the perfect choice if you are experimenting with organic coffee.

The Aroma

Have you ever been into a coffee house and wondered why your coffee never smells that good at home? Well this coffee has a delicious aroma that will have you salivating! It is perfect to use with an programmable coffee machine and grinder. Waking up to this coffee brewing in your kitchen is a true delight. You also get a fantastic result if you are using a french press, just make sure you get a coffee grinder that treats the coffee beans with the respect they deserve!

As soon as you add water onto these beans you can expect an explosion of delicious smells.


This is a big bodied coffee with vibrant favors. This really comes through no matter how you choose to make the coffee whether in a french press or a dripping coffee machine.


This coffee is described has having a mild acidity. You want some acidity in your coffee but not too much in our opinion. This is a well balanced mix. There are no bitter after tastes here.

Many people will completely avoid drinking coffee because they find it upsets their stomach. This is usually because of the acidity in coffee that just doesn’t agree with a lot of people. However many people have reported that they can enjoy this coffee without any stomach problems at all. This is likely due to the fact that is it organically grown and not treated with chemicals that can increase the acidity. If you have experienced trouble drinking coffee in the past then I would recommend giving this one a try as you will most likely be able to enjoy it with no adverse affects.


If you are a coffee fan then you should be giving this coffee and the other offering from Java Planet some serious attention. Our favorite is the Colombian described here but they have quite a few different flavors to choose from. It is perfect for a french press or for your regular coffee machine.

Java Planet really care about their coffee and our planet and it shows in the final product. All their coffees are 100% fair trade and completely organic. You can find the full range of Java Planet coffees for sale by clicking here.


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