Keurig K55 vs K50 Coffee Makers – Which one should you get?

We get asked this question a lot so decided to write this article on it. Let’s first start by saying that both are excellent coffee makers, really easy to use and deliver great tasting coffee. So what is the difference between them? Well, not an awful lot if we are being honest.

The main difference is in appearance. Both are almost identical in size but you can see just by looking at the pictures that the K55 is a lot more modern looking. At least in our opinion anyway.

K55 Size & Weight

13.3 inches high (17.2″ when the top is open

10.1 inches wide

13.2 inches deep

Weight: 12 lbs

K50 Size & Weight

13.3 inches high (17.2″ when the top is open

9.8 inches wide

13 inches deep

Weight: 7.6 lbs

So the K55 is ever so slightly bigger and heavier. Despite being bigger at it’s largest points the K55 is a lot sleeker and visually is less bulky than the K50.

Colour Options

While the K50 only comes in matt black, you have a few more options with the newer model K55. It comes in matt black too but you can also choose Red (officially called Rhubarb) or White as well. If you already have the K50 and are considering upgrading then at this point there isn’t much reason to unless you really want a different color to match your kitchen.

Noise Levels

The only new feature on the K55 compared to the K50 is the introduction of¬†Quiet Brew Tech. Sounds fancy but it just means it’s slightly quieter when it’s making a cup of coffee. To be honest, we could barely tell the difference, some reviewers are even saying the K55 is louder than the K50 despite this new tech.


If you already own the K50 then there isn’t enough here to warrant an upgrade. However, if you haven’t bought either yet then you might as well get the newer model. It looks nicer and there are more color options. The K55 also has the Quiet Brew Tech but I wouldn’t even bother adding this into your decision-making process as it is such a minor and practically unnoticeable difference.

As far as the price is concerned both are practically¬†identical at the time of writing. Both are cheap and cheerful, you aren’t going to get the most amazing cup of coffee out of these machines but they are very practical and convenient.

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