The Best Frozen French Fries In Airfryer Recipe

There couldn’t be a simpler recipe than frozen french fries but how do we do them in the Air Fryer? Well, thankfully it’s even easier than cooking them in the oven which of course is one of the great things about Air Fryers. That and they make everything you cook a lot more healthy. If you haven’t for an air fryer yet you can check out our list of the best available for less than $100 here.

So the ingredients needed are really easy for this as expected.


  • A bag of frozen french fries (any brand will do, just get your preferred type)
  • Cooking spray (optional)
  • Salt (again optional but they taste so much better when salted!)


1. Spray your air fryer basket with a little bit of cooking spray and then add your frozen french fries.

2. You can check the packet for cooking times and temperatures but we are going to need to adjust those slightly. We recommend reducing the temperature by about 25-50 degrees F. Air Fryers cook a lot more intensely than a standard oven so we don’t need the temp to be as high. I would also reduce the cooking time by about 20%. So if they require 20 minutes in the oven give them 16 minutes in the air fryer.

3. Place in a plastic food bag and add a good pinch of salt. You can use seasoned salts if you prefer, we are big fans of Lawry’s. Give the bag a good shake to make sure all the fries are covered. If you are cooking self-made fries that aren’t frozen then you can do this step before cooking for even better results.

4. Serve.


So there you have it. Probably the most simple recipe of all time but one of the tastiest that pretty much everyone loves. Fries are probably going to be the first thing you want to cook when you get an air fryer and they are likely to be the most common thing you cook too. They taste great and not only that they are so much healthier when cooked this way.

How about trying sweet potato fries for an even healthier option? These have become a firm favorite in our house. Let us know in the comments which fries you prefer and which air fryer you have too.

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