Duxtop 8300ST Review – The 1800W counter top burner

The Duxtop 8300ST is one of the latest induction cooktops from Secura. It is the successor to the wildly popular Secura 8100MC, which is still a great choice for anyone but the 8300 looks to  build on that success with some improvements. Currently the 8300 is only $10 more on Amazon than the old 8100 and it is well worth the extra ten bucks.


The physical buttons of the 8100 have been replaced with61kdqrcwrl-_sl1500_ a modern touch screen interface that is built directly onto the surface of the cooktop. This means that spillages can’t damage the device as there are no physical buttons for liquid to get behind. They have also simplified the options with few buttons to keep it as simple to use as possible. They have added a child lock feature which was missing from the original model for extra safety. Both units have an auto shut off after 60 seconds when no pan is detected on the surface.

Heating Element

There are 10 temperature range settings going from 140°F to 460°F, the default temperature is 320°F. It has 10 power levels ranging from 200-1800Watts. All this is enough power to cook pretty much anything you want.

The induction coil inside the device is 6″ in diameter which is standard for cooktops. The ring on the surface of the machine measures 8″ in diameter so you can use 8″ pans on this just fine. As the heat is only transferred where the pan contacts the surface there is no lost or wasted heat and the cooktop won’t heat up the room like a gas or electric cooktop would. We found that pans smaller than 4″ wouldn’t always work as the unit had trouble detecting the cookware.


Product Dimensions 16.1 x 12.9 x 3.9 inches
Item Weight 7.8 pounds
Shipping Weight 7.8 pounds
Manufacturer Secura


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Safe with auto shut off and child lock
  • Compact and light weight
  • Cooks food fast and evenly for great results
  • Wide range of power settings for fast and slow cooking


  • You may need new cookware or an induction converter disc
  • Timer has 5 minute increments only which is weird
  • Touch pad can be accidentally activated when cleaning
  • Some fan noise


This is an ideal way to get your first induction cooktop. It’s perfect for smaller kitchens or for travelling with. If you already own the 8100 model then it is detable whether it is worth the upgrade. We personally think it is because the touch panel controls are much easier to use and they won’t be damaged by spillages or hot pans being dragged across them. Also the child lock was an essential feature for us. If you are looking to get a portable cooktop then this is one of the best especially at the price it currently is. 

If you are new to induction cooking then you should be aware that you need compatible cookware or an induction interface to use this device. Most pans will work though without you needing to do anything. Enameled cast iron and steel, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom, or cast iron pans should all work fine. If you want to be sure you can look for the induction ready symbol on your pan or see if the bottom is magnetic by using a magnet. If it is then you are induction ready!

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