Nuwave PIC 2 Review – How good is it really?

41juey1c4-lYou may have seen an advertisement for this on TV and wondered if it was as good as it claimed. So today we are going to take a closer look at the Nuwave PIC 2 with this review. Spoiler alert…It’s amazing.

Moving away from a traditional gas or electric cooktop can be a big expense and you may be wondering whether it’s worth the investment. The PIC2 is the perfect way to get involved with induction cooking, it’s a brilliant example of induction cooking at a fabulous price.

If you are completely new to induction cooking then you should be aware that you need compatible cookware. Failing that you will need to buy a induction converter disc which is a far cheaper option than replacing all your pots and pans.

Ok so on to the device itself. Here are the pro’s and con’s of the Nuwave.


Temperature Control

The PIC 2 can go from 100°F to 575°F in 10° increments. This is an incredible range of power for such a small unit. This can and will cook anything you throw at it. Plus you can pre-program it with 6 preset settings so you can quickly get cooking your favorite dishes.


It looks really smart as you can tell from the picture. This unit stands out from other induction cooktops as it is round. Most other models are square or rectangular. This means it takes up less space as well as looking good. The controls are neatly placed on the front so they are easily accessible and there is a clear LCD display

It’s really safe to use

Like all induction cooktops it will shut off automatically if it doesn’t detect a pan on its surface. It works because the surface is magnetic and if there is no bond there is no heat. As well as this the unit only gets hot where the pan is touching it while the rest of the place stays cool. Induction cooktops only heat the pan so there is no energy wasted. The Nuwave will also automatically shut off when it reaches the end of its program if you have it to start automatically or are using the timer.

Energy Efficient

As I said induction cooktops only heat the pan so there is no wasted energy. This means they are up 70% more efficient than gas and electric cooktops. This means cheaper energy bills for you and of course it’s better for the environment. It also won’t heat up the room it’s in because all the heat is transferred to the pan.

Easy to clean and maintain

Because the surface around the pan doesn’t get hot any spillages won’t burn on so they are easily wiped away. The whole unit is very easy to wipe clean after use.


The Con’s

Auto shut off

So I mentioned this as pro as it’s a great safety feature however there is a flip side. If you are cooking pancakes for example and want to give them a traditional toss the PIC2 will shut off as soon as you lift up the pan meaning you will have to turn it back on again to continue cooking. Some other devices give you a 20 second or so window before they switch off. This one is immediate.

Small surface

Again this was a pro because it’s a great space saver but you won’t be able to use this cooktop with really large pans. Having said this, the surface is 9″ in diametre so it really does exclude only the largest of cookware.

Customer Service

Some consumers have reported having problems contacting the customer service department. Fortunately the unit has a great build quality and faults with these devices are few and far between.

You need induction compatible cookware

I mentioned this at the start of the post but induction cooktops require compatible pans or a induction interface.


This cooktop is a great way to get into induction cooking. It has a low price but is very powerful and feature rich. It really shows off the benefits that induction cooktops can bring. It’s got a bunch of great safety features and is so much safer than gas or electric. So great if you have small children.

If you buy it from Amazon you can get it much cheaper than if you go direct to the manufacturer and you will get free postage.

Product Dimensions 14.4 x 15.9 x 6.3 inches
Item Weight 6.3 pounds
Shipping Weight 6.3 pounds
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