The Top Ten Best Crepe Pans for Induction Cooking Reviewed

Crepes are incredibly popular food we all buy when we are at fairs or sporting events but if we all love them so much why aren’t we making them at home. Making crepes is incredibly simple, especially if you have the right pan. The better the pan the better the crepe!

IF you have recently converted to induction cooktops and cookware you might be on the lookout for the perfect dish to show off how great induction cooking can be. We think the crepe is the answer. Easy to make, really versatile and always completely delicious.

If you have ever taken notice of the pan they use on the crepe stalls you will have noticed it’s a really big flat surface, usually with no edges. The chefs are really skilled at making them but we can replicate this at home with a good pan. Obviously for use in the home we can’t have a pan overly large and it will need sides. We need to look for the a good balance, a pan that’s big enough, has even cooking and low sides. Crepe’s don’t need heat up the side of the pan so any heat we lose up here is wasted and will lead to unbalanced cooking.

So having said all that, here is our list of the best crepe pans for use with an induction cooktop.

1. Joseph Strauss Induction Crepe Non-Stick 9.5 Inch. Batter Spreader Included

First up is this pan from the Joseph Strauss range. This aluminium pan is nicely cast and comes in a range of sizes from 8.7 to 10.2 inch, so you should be covered no matter what induction cooktop you are using. Get the biggest one you can that will fit on your cooktop. It is of course lightweight being made from aluminium but has great strength and a quality feel in the hand.

It has a non stick surface that has been reinforced with titanium, this means you get an incredibly even cook with this pan. This is essential when cooking something as thin as crepes as any hot spots will lead to brown spots or unevenly cooked food.

The pan handles are a rubber Bakelite so they stay cool to the touch when the pan is in use.

It also comes with a batter spreader. I will tell you now that these things are not easy to use and take time to master, the stall sellers make it look really easy. It’s a great thing to include and it’s lots of fun to try out.

This pan has great reviews on Amazon but it comes with a 100% money back guarantee so you can’t really go wrong with this one.




2. Cuisinart FCT23-24NS French Classic Tri-Ply Stainless 10-Inch Nonstick Crepe Pan

This pan is a very popular choice and is one of the most popular sellers on

It only comes in 1 size (10 inch) so make sure your cooktop can handle a pan that size before you purchase. It’s unlikely that it won’t but a few of the portable cooktops are slightly smaller than this.

We love the design of this one, with it’s stylish upright stay cool handle and beautiful stainless steel finish. It is also very versatile with slightly higher edges meaning it can be used for cooking other dishes as well as crepes.

This pan also comes with a lifetime warranty which you will only get with products of the highest quality.




3. WaxonWare 11 Inch Non Stick Crepe Pan

Let’s start off by saying that the design of this one will not appeal to everyone. It’s a bit, different, shall we say. It’s a unique piece and not one that should be dismissed too quickly.

It uses a special non stick coating called MARBELLOUS that was developed by WaxonWare for use on it’s pans. It is of course a marble based surface as the name suggests and it claims to be 5 times more healthy than any other nonstick brand on the market.

The base is made from a die cast aluminium that gives great heat transfer and really even cooking. This pan was made with induction cooktops in mind but it will work with any type of heat source. It is dishwasher safe too and won’t scratch if you use metal utensils. This too has soft Bakelite handles that stay cool while in use.

So despite its unusual  appearances there are few better pans out there if you are looking to make the perfect crepe.




4. Le Creuset Toughened Nonstick 11-Inch Crepe Pan

As expected from a Le Creuset product this pan is really high quality.

It has a simple design but is very strong, as soon as you get this one in your hand you can tell it is a quality piece. It is of course non stick, dishwasher safe and is oven safe up to a staggering 500 degrees F.

This remains a popular seller on Amazon despite it being one of the more expensive pans available.

It comes with a wooden dough spreader.




5. Matfer Bourgeat 666228 Elite Ceramic Crepe Pan, 11-Inch

This is a ceramic pan which makes it different from the others we have on our list. It comes in a range of sizes but the other sizes do not have the low sides we are looking for. For some reason the smaller and larger sizes all have large sides and look more like a standard frying pan.

The 11 inch version though is pretty much spot on. It’s a brown/beige colour but as you can see from the picture it is still a looker.

It is dishwasher safe.




6. Lodge L9OG3 Cast Iron Round Griddle, Pre-Seasoned, 10.5-inch

IF you are a fan of cast iron and traditional pans then this is the ideal choice. The advantage of cast iron is fantastic heat retention meaning it can be quickly used again and again – perfect for cooking crepes as they don’t last long once they are ready!

The handle has a hanging hook so this would look great hung up in a traditional style kitchen. The handle is cast iron as well though so while it looks great all being one material the handle will get very hot while in use making flipping pancakes more difficult. Cast iron also means it’s one of the heaviest on our list at 3lbs.

Rust is a concern with cast iron pans but this comes pre seasoned so it’s ready to use and it can be very easily reapplied later in its life to keep the pan in great condition.

This pan is very popular on Amazon as it comes with many great reviews and a fantastic price.




7. Swiss Diamond Induction Nonstick Crepe Pan – 9.5″

This is one of the more expensive pans on the list but the quality in unquestionable. It comes from a very high quality company called Swiss Diamond. The main feature of this pan is it’s unique non stick surface that is reinforced with real diamond crystals. It’s a restaurant standard pan.

It is PFOA-free and suitable for all cooktop types. It has a stay cool ergonomically design handle.

The main question we asked ourselves with this one is, ‘is it any better than the Le Creuset or any of the other high end pans on this list?’. Depending on your budget it’s worth consideration.




8. Cuisinox Electra Induction 11 Inch Non-stick Crepe pan

This pan has super low sides, so low you have to be careful not to spill your batter. However it is ex ellent at making crepes, we really enjoyed using this one. It made us feel like a pro and delivered fantastic results.

We found the non stick surface to be absolutely excellent in our tests but some reviews have mentioned it soon becomes a lot less effective. We didn’t see that happening with ours though.

Dishwasher safe too.




9. Paderno World Cuisine 10 1/4-Inch Carbon Steel Crepe Pan

A very modern design here so if that’s your thing then this might be of interest. Despite what we consider to be a modern looking pan this is more traditional than others. It doesn’t come seasoned meaning you should think twice about buying this if you want something ready to use out of the box. This pan will need coating before you use it and to be given some care and attention to give it a non stick surface and keep it that way. Not for everyone but well worth the effort if you are serious about cooking.

Also be aware that this is not dishwasher safe.

It comes in 7 different sizes this one so there should be a size to suit everyone.




10. ELO Rubicast Cast Aluminum Kitchen Induction Cookware Crepe Pan with Durable Non-Stick Coating, 10-inch

In our opinion not the best looking pan on the list but it works great. It comes ready to use with a great non stick surface that should last for many years.

Made with cast aluminum meaning it is light and strong. Comes with a heat resistant ergonomic handle. This product comes with a 4 year no questions asked guarantee so you know it is quality. YOu get longer guarantees with some of the other pans on the list though, some even have lifetime guarantees.

This German made pan won’t appeal to everyone but it does what it is designed to do very very well.





We have listed our 10 favourite pans that we have personally tested. All of them worked well for the function we tested them for (crepe making). All have pro’s and con’s and your choice may come down to which one you think looks the nicest. If that is what you based your choice on then you wouldn’t really go wrong with any of these. Just bear in mind that some of them come with the commitment of needing a bit of TLC. YOu may need to apply a seasoning and look after them a bit better than modern pans. Not all of these can be chucked in the dishwasher.

Of course all are induction ready and offer great heat distribution as you would expect. We didn’t find any problems with getting brown spots on our crepes but this can be come more of a problem later in a pans life if the metal warps and creates an uneven surface.

Our favourite design was the Cuisinox Electra which is number 8 on our list. We just loved how it looked when we were cooking with it, with its ultra low sides. The one we found easiest to use though was the Waxonware (number 2 on the list), while the design won’t appeal to everyone, the pan was an absolute breeze to use.

Have you bought any of these crepe pans or have you found one you think beats them all? Let us know in the comments!

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